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Vacuum Breaker Cross Connection Notice

In accordance with the DEQ and MI Safe Drinking Water Act as Amended, MCL 325.1001 to 325.1023 and Administrative Rules Supply Water to the Public R 325.1001 to 325.12820 including LHV Rule 21, Section 17, Page 16.

  • Vacuum breakers must be in place prior to reconnecting the RV water line to the water source stand pipe faucet.
  • As of 10/15/20 all RV water lines have been disconnected for park winterization.
  • If a member attaches a water line to an LHV faucet without a vacuum breaker they are in violation of State Law (listed above) which jeopardizes LHV permit licensing.
  • Finding such action at time of inspection, LHV shall install a vacuum breaker without exception and charge $15.00 for parts and labor plus a $25.00 service fine totaling $40.00 for each attached water line.

Thank you for your attention on this matter and for helping keep LHV water supply clean, safe, and secure.