Eligible candidates for the 2020 Board of Directors Election are:

1. Tiffany Reece 

2. Jeff VanCourt 

3. Anthony Prince

From the Election Committee

Would you like to become a participant in the Lighthouse Village election process? 

The Election Committee is a standing committee. You will be volunteering to fill a position when it becomes vacant due to a committee member resigning or for any unforeseen reason that may occur. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Election Committee, please sign up in the clubhouse. 


Requirements for Candidacy for Board of Directors


Nominee must be a member of the Association for one full year prior to June 1 of the election year.

All monies owed to the Association must be paid in full.

The nominee must sign a Declaration of Candidacy form no later than the 2nd full weekend in June. 

Annual election date for 2020 date is August 8, 2020.



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