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Lighthouse Village members and staff,


Although “recreational camping” remains prohibited, due to the diligent efforts of LHV management and staff along with coordination efforts and directives of State and local authorities; we the LHV Board of Directors are pleased to announce this unified statement of planned preparedness of a phased opening.


These plans remain subject to review and revision as necessary as we receive ongoing guidance.  As we all have learned over the last several weeks, this is a fluid situation that changes often. Each phase will be evaluated before advancing on to the next phase.


Please continue to visit our website for updates. For answers not found online, please contact our Office at 517.568.4343. We will get through this by working together.  Thank you for your grace, patience and understanding as we work together in the best interests of Lighthouse Village.


Thank you.

LHV Board of Directors.




Lighthouse Village Restart Plan

Phase 1: Effective 5/15/20


  • LHV campground is closed for recreational camping and guests.


  • Members who are seeking shelter, and considered otherwise needy and or homeless, may camp overnight in their self-contained RV, however must remain on their site. The directive requires no interaction with people outside the individual’s household.   


  • Members who are essential workers and are seeking shelter to quarantine themselves from their family may overnight camp while adhering to quarantine regulations.


  • Members who are seeking shelter while working to mitigate COVID-19 efforts may overnight camp on their site.

  • Members who truly use their RV as a primary or secondary residence may camp overnight at their discretion and must reside on their site providing that their site has a full sewer hookup, water, and electricity, and requires no interaction with people outside of the individual household.


  • No honey wagon pump outs will be done during Phase One.


  • Members or anyone within their single household unit having a fever of 100.4 or higher or present with any COVID-19 symptoms have two options; stay quarantined to their RV unit for a 14-day period and report results to the LHV office or may leave the LHV campground.


  • Members who are subject to quarantine must report as such and will need to stay completely self-contained for 14 days in their RV at their campsite.


  • Members and their single household unit are responsible for self-screening at the point of entry into the LHV campground, documenting their results and reporting if such results are required. 


  • All members considered for overnight camping shall be limited to a single household unit and not to exceed gatherings of no more than 8 persons. The directive requires no interaction with people outside the individual’s household.


  • Guests and visitors are not permitted at the campground at this time.


  • LHV’s office lobby, clubhouse and all other park facilities will be closed. If you have business and/or questions please contact our office at 517.568.4343.



  • Maximum site occupancy is 8 persons per site, meeting the above requirements.


  • LHV Office is open on a limited basis – Hours Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm or as posted; Open to Members by appointment only (must wear mask).


  • Lake will be open for fishing and boating.


  • Meadow area hours are as posted, while adhering to capacity limitations and social distancing.


  • Golf carts are permitted during this time; however, the maximum capacity per golf cart is a single household unit and must follow social distancing regulations.


  • All scheduled LHV activities are suspended during this time.


  • Trading Post hours will be as posted.


  • We are not accepting mail and/or packages until further notice. Alternate options will be posted as reference if needed. You can check with our local Homer Post Office or purchase a mail drop box at LHV.


  • The laundry mat will be closed until further notice.


  • Members and staff must comply with CDC sanitation and safety requirements, by maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask if within 6 feet distance of another person.


  • Social Distancing expectations, rules and enforcing violations/fines to start May 8, 2020.


  • Members entering Lighthouse Village agree to hold LHV harmless of exposure.


  • There will be zero tolerance for violating these rules of compliance. Fines and penalties will be assessed as follows:

    • 1st offense: Two hundred and fifty ($250.00) dollars and removal from the park.

    • 2nd offense:  Five hundred ($500.00) dollars and membership termination.


  • All rules are subject to change under the authority of State and Local directives and orders.



-Lighthouse on the Lake Association, Inc. Administration.

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